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Boy Scouts of America settlement

Option 1

Trust Claim Submission:

 Claimants who elect this option will have their Claim valued by the Trustee in accordance with the range of values that are defined in the settlement papers. Claimants who choose this option must fully complete the attached Questionnaire. Currently there is no deadline to submit the Claims Questionnaire if the claimant choose this option.  The Trust will establish a deadline in the near future and will notify us of the deadline.  Once notified, we will have 120 days to submit the Claims Questionnaire.

Option 2

Independent Review Option. 

 Claimants who elect this option will have an independent, neutral third party (a retired judge with tort experience) make a settlement recommendation to the Trustee after participating in a fact-finding process similar to a trial. Claimants who elect this option must pay a fee to participate in this process.  Claimants must pay $10,000 at the time they elect the option, and an additional $10,000 immediately before the review process begins. Claimants who choose this option must fully complete this Questionnaire and pay the fees by October 19, 2023 and basically pay $20K.

If You Should So Choose Option 2 Strict Deadline is Enforced by OCTOBER 10th, 2023 7pm CST.

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Any Documents You May Have Supporting Your Case: